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David Moss in
English National Opera's
new production
of "Lost Highway"

Video clip of
Johan Strauss' opera
"Die Fledermaus"

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"He's the Caruso of the avant-garde"
[High Performance]

"Alien love-songs meet Bo Diddley, John Coltrane and Maria Callas- that's one way of describing a David Moss concert." [The Village Voice]

“The singer David Moss is cantorial, David Byrne-ish, Beat-cool, raving post-Berio in the mad gabble of the city.”
[Real Time Magazine, Australia] more quotes

Please Note!

New from Festival Nouvelle, Centre Pompidou, October 2009, excerpts
from Moss’ festival opening performances.

Voix Extreme:

Voix Intime:


David Moss, as Mr. Eddy in a behind-the-scenes look at Olga Neuwirth’s opera, “Lost Highway”, at The English National Opera:

Rehearsing with Luciano Berio for his opera “Cronaca Del Luogo” on Arte TV:

Excerpt from one-man theater piece, “Orpheus Audio Splatter”:

David Moss Live in New York, excerpt from his performance at Judson Church, March 2009; performing in the EMF Festival “The Human Voice in New World”:

Excerpt, live in Barcelona, from his performance at the CCCB:

David Moss Live in Paris in “Spaghetti’s Club” theater piece, at MC 93 Bobigny:

In the film “Berlin: City of Desire” (at 1:35):


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