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David Moss in
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"He's the Caruso of the avant-garde"
[High Performance]

"Alien love-songs meet Bo Diddley, John Coltrane and Maria Callas- that's one way of describing a David Moss concert." [The Village Voice]

“The singer David Moss is cantorial, David Byrne-ish, Beat-cool, raving post-Berio in the mad gabble of the city.”
[Real Time Magazine, Australia] more quotes

Please Note!

See Photos from my large project for 200 voices and 9 choirs in Osnabrück, Germany (9/27/08) as part of the Niedersächsische Musiktage Festival

denseland – new dance trio with Hannes Strobl, bass; Hanno Leichtmann, drums & electronics; David Moss, voice;

Heiner Goebbels
Heiner Goebbels is a composer, director, musician, theater maker, and professor of theater studies. Moss has performed in several of his projects, most recently "Surrogate Cities".

Institute for Living Voice
A workshop program with an inclusive, interdisciplinary focus; Moss is artistic director. Information about current and future sessions can be found here. You can also enroll in ILV workshops through this site.

Intakt Records
CD label for new and improvised music based in Zürich, Switzerland. Their label features 5 CDs by Moss among a full catalog of over 100 CDs.

David Moss Discography by Patrice Roussel
Site created by Patrice Roussel that features an expanded discogrpahy of Moss (and other musicians). For the dedicated fan or expert!

Ensemble Modern
Site of the important European contemporary music group based in Frankfurt. Moss has performed in various pieces with them since 1996, and appears on their award-winning CD "The Music of Frank Zappa: Greggery Peccary and Other Persuasions".

Ali N. Askin
Ali N. Askin is a composer, performer, radio-play creator, and arranger. He composes music for film and collaborates with Ensemble Resonance and Ensemble Modern. Askin and Moss have performed and composed together.

Traumton Records
Berlin CD label and recording studio; produced and released "Fragmentary Blues", with Michael Rodach. Traumton releases music of independent artists.

Muziektheater Transparant
Muziektheater Transparant, based in Antwerp, is well known as a producer of new music-theater, opera and innovative collaborations. They produced Moss' theater work "Einstein for Aliens". They also produce the Institute for Living Voice.

Fred Pommerehn: (website coming soon) visual artist, stage designer, lighting designer, installation artist, theater-maker; Fred and David have collaborated on many productions since 1992 (notably: “Einstein for Aliens” -- see Photo Gallery!)

Fabrica /Arts
Fabrica is an Italian multimedia arts center whose music director is Andrea Molino. Moss is vocal soloist in Molino's compositions "CREDO" and "Those Who Speak in a Faint Voice". Fabrica and the Institute for Living Voice have an ongoing cooperation.

Asko Ensemble
Site of the adventurous Amsterdam-based new music group, Asko Ensemble. They commissioned Moss to compose "OWL", based on Allan Ginsberg's "Howl".

Fast Forward
Fast Forward is composer, performer, improviser, percussionist, curator,
project-maker, visual artist and steel-pan player. He and Moss have performed together since 1985, most notably in their percussion duo Max Factor.

Victoriaville Festival/Victo Records
Site of the Victoriavaille Music Festival in Quebec, Canada; and the Victo
CD label. Moss has performed at the festival four times, and is featured on several of their CD releases most recently, "5 Men SInging" with Jaap Blonk, Paul Dutton, Koichi Makigami, and Phil Minton.

Olga Neuwirth
Home page of composer Olga Neuwirth. Her most recent fully-staged opera was "Lost Highway", in which Moss performed the role of Mr Eddy.

Frank Schulte: sound-maker, electronics, composer, media-artist, project curator, performer; see Current Projects for a collaboration with Moss, and Discography (extended) for a history of their work together.

the avant garden "Check this site in the near future for a new collaboration by Fast Forward and David Moss

Ernst Stoetzner: actor, director, performer; currently in-residence at the Bochum Schauspielhaus; performs with Goebbels and Moss in "Prometheus"
An interesting site for many music projects with contemporary performers

YoYsearch - a web portal with ten
types of search

Jacob Thein: drummer, percussionist, band-leader, genre-breaker

Ohrpilot: based in Berlin and Muenster, Germany, Ohrpilot creates new music-theater performances with a strong focus on sound, listening and voices; in late 2006/Moss, Moss and Ohrpilot director, Andreas Tiedemann collaborate; (see NEWS page)

Orange County DVD-CD Duplication, Replication and Manufacturing
Abacab Multimedia Inc. has been serving the music and business community since 1988. Duplication, Manufacturing, Editing and Packaging of Digital Media. Visit our site for more info.

Fondazione ATOPOS: Contemporary music CDs from a fine independent Italian label. They concentrate on composer/performers, and also sponsor a wonderful concert series in the restored village of Sogna (my solo concert, Sogna Suite, Atopos 08, has just been released by them).

Jules Moss: creator/director of Jules Musical Entertainment 4 Kids - children’s entertainment and school programs; composer, performer, singer, drummer.

Benjamin Moss: clinical hypnotherapist (CHT) & Director of Benjamin Moss Hypnotherapy Center; programs in smoking cessation, weight control, self-confidence.

Berlin Artist Program of the DAAD (music): Internationally recognized program that brings composers and performers to Berlin, Germany for year-long residencies.


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