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"He's the Caruso of the avant-garde"
[High Performance]

"Alien love-songs meet Bo Diddley, John Coltrane and Maria Callas- that's one way of describing a David Moss concert." [The Village Voice]

“The singer David Moss is cantorial, David Byrne-ish, Beat-cool, raving post-Berio in the mad gabble of the city.”
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Producer/Artistic Director: David Moss, Berlin

The Institute for Living Voice is an international center for singing: offering workshops, concerts, discussions, and special events focused on singing. It is open to anyone who is interested in the human voice: professional singers and performers, artists, actors, choreographers, dancers, theater directors, composers, musicians, students, non-professional singers, students, young people, melomaniacs.

The ILV was conceived by David Moss, and co-founded by Muziektheater Transparant (MT), Antwerp, and Moss in 2001.ILV sessions through 2012 were produced by MT, with Moss as artistic director. This collaboration produced 16 sessions around the world and several special voice projects, including Century Songs.Beginning in 2013, the ILV is a sole production of David Moss in collaboration with individual international partners.

The ILV has presented the following sessions in collaboration with these partner institutions:

Ghent: Vooruit Arts Center (2x), Bruges: Concertgebouw (2x), Marseille: Montevideo (2x),
Antwerp: De Singel/Ars Musica (2x), Amsterdam: The Holland Festival, Melbourne: Australia, Melbourne Festival, Berlin: Berliner Festspiele/MaerzMusik, Buenos Aires: Teatro Colon, Stavanger: Stavanger 2008/Tou Scene, Rotterdam: Operdagen/Die Lantaren, Brussels, Europalia Brasil/Beursschouwburg, Ghent: Europalia China, Venice: Buziol Foundation/Cini Foundation

  • SESSION #16 - BRUGGE, Spring 2012
  • SESSION #15 - BRUSSELS/BRAZIL, Autumn 2011
  • SESSION #14 - Venice, Autumn 2010
  • SESSION #13 - Antwerp, Spring 2010
  • SESSION #12 - Ghent: China's Voices, Autumn 09
  • SESSION #11 - Rotterdam, Spring 08
  • SESSION #10 - Stavanger, Autumn 07
  • SESSION #9 - Buenos Aires, Spring 07
  • SESSION #8 - Marseille, Summer 06
  • SESSION #7 - Berlin, Winter 05
  • SESSION #6 - Melbourne, Autumn 04
  • SESSION #5 - Amsterdam. Spring 04
  • SESSION #4 - Marseille, Spring 03
  • SESSION #3 - Antwerp, Autumn 02
  • SESSION #2 - Bruges, Spring 02
  • SESSION #1 - Ghent, Autumn 01

Master Teachers at the ILV have included: Meredith Monk, Lydia Lunch, Hilliard Ensemble, Diamanda Galas, Iva Bittova, Cristina Branco, Barbara Hannigan, Heiner Goebbels, John Giorno, Martyn Jacques, Morton Subotnick, Barbara Bonney, Emil Jud, Claron McFadden, Salomé Kammer, Viviane De Muynck, Nitin Sawhney, Michiko Hirayama, Arto Lindsay, Nona Hendryx, Mahotella Queens, Trevor Wishart, Catherine Jauniaux, David Toop Ustad U.H. Shagan, Susannah Self, Tran Quang Hai, Cheryl Barker, Omar Ebrahim, Phil Minton, Koichi Makigami, Gidon Saks, Greetje Bijma,
Joan LaBarbara, Sainkho Namtchylak, Jaap Blonk, Valerié Marestin, Amelia Cuni, Miriam Palma, Catherine Delasalle, STEIM, Han Buhrs & Ronald Klekamp, Sarah Hopkins, Melissa Madden Gray (Meow Meow), Kang Kwan Soon, Richard J. Franklin & Andy Baylor, Nicholas Isherwood,
Madalena Bernardes, Chris Mann, Andrew Watts, Maria Husmann, Shelley Hirsch, Pierre-Marie Chemla, Nicoletta Branchini, Paul Dutton, Lia Ferenese, Maja Ratkje, Sidsel Edresen, Christoph Homberger, Saadet Türköz, Li Huafu & Li Huaxiu, Whang Zhifang, He Jinhua, Gong Linna, Xaio He, Yan Jun, John Norris, Michael Lentz, Mola Sylla, Ida Kelarova, Jocelyn B. Smith, Marlui Miranda, Marcelo Pretto, Tulipa Ruiz, David Moss, Michel Waisvisz

In 12 years, more than 75 world-renowned singers, performers, teachers, composers from 15 countries representing 15 vocal "genres" have been guests at the ILV.

CONTACT: The ILV is a project of David Moss, Berlin
To contact us:
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General Information

The ILV is an "Exploratory", not a conservatory:
It is a home for the exploration of the human voice in all its manifestations: classical, opera, jazz, experimental, alternative rock, new pop, world music, folk, traditional, blues, sacred and profane.

Each session offers 5-7 different workshop experiences, giving participants the chance to mix and measure the lively variety of contemporary vocal music for themselves. At the ILV, master-singers and students from around the world meet, sing together, exchange ideas about the human voice, hear each other's voices in concert and plan projects for the future.

The ILV is a meeting place:
Wherever our "meeting place" is, amazing things happen:

  • Diamanda Galas leads her students into the underground chamber of a medieval castle in Gent to "find their screams".
  • Nona Hendryx invites her workshop on stage at the Paradiso to sing with her group.
  • Ustad Shagan and his family of musicians teach Pakistani religious music to five European woman at the Vooruit Art Center.
  • Meredith Monk and Koichi Makigami perform an impromptu mouth-harp duet for a delighted audience.
  • Two workshop participants are invited to sing with orchestras in Karlsruhe and Rome in CREDO, a Fabrica project .
  • Lydia Lunch provokes passionate, poetic performances from her participants,
  • Phil Minton conducts his 65-member "Feral Choir" outdoors in downtown Melbourne.
  • The Mahotella Queens challenge us to dance and catch their complex harmonies "on the fly".
  • Tran Quanh Hai sings every kind of overtone/undertone in his workshop, at restaurants, on the street.
  • Koichi Makigami invites ILV participants to perform with him in two Austrian festivals and in Marseille.
  • Even the worst garbage and transport strikes in memory could not disrupt the pleasures of courtyard conversations and concerts hosted by the lovely and spirited Montevideo performance center.

The ILV is direct, intimate, informal, intense:
It brings together in one place an active mix of highly experienced performers of the vocal arts -- performers who have many lifetimes of stage and theater experience -- to share their ideas, teach their concepts, and sing together in concentrated, intimate, small workshop settings of between 7 and 20 participants.

The ILV is a "nomad" institute:
Each session discovers the pleasures of a new city: Gent, Bruges, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Marseille, Melbourne, Berlin, Venice, Buenos Aires... We have no building, so we're always flexible and evolving.

The ILV is: over 700 workshop members from 16 countries with all levels of vocal experience.

The ILV is: classical - jazz- improvisation- opera - extreme - popular/folk - new music - rock -sound poetry - world music - vocal performance - sacred singing - overtone/multi-phonics - the pleasure of singing - yodeling - polyphony - Renaissance - soul - electronic - music theater - cabaret - choral - remix - aboriginal

The ILV is: workshops -- concerts -- master classes -- roundtable discussions -- special projects -- workshop presentations -- open microphone - performances

The ILV is: a collaboration with international institutions and festivals, produced by artistic director, David Moss


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