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"He's the Caruso of the avant-garde"
[High Performance]

"Alien love-songs meet Bo Diddley, John Coltrane and Maria Callas- that's one way of describing a David Moss concert." [The Village Voice]

“The singer David Moss is cantorial, David Byrne-ish, Beat-cool, raving post-Berio in the mad gabble of the city.”
[Real Time Magazine, Australia] more quotes

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David Moss has worked with the following Composers, Conductors, Directors, Orchestras, Musicians, Choregraphers, Radio, Projects/Events, Concerts and Workshops.


Olga Neuwirth
Andrea Molino
Daniele Lombardi
Heiner Goebbels
Luciano Berio
Fred Frith
Uri Caine
Carla Bley
John Zorn
Malcolm Goldstein
Nicola Sani
Joseph Celli
Klaus König
Bill Dixon
Carl Stone
Sergei Kuryokhin
Roberto Paci Dalo
John King
Jolyon Brettingham-Smith
Roland Mell
Kevin Coyne
Sam Auinger
Arto Lindsay
Fast Forward



Sir Simon Rattle
Sylvain Cambreling
Peter Rundel
Johannes Kalitzke
Marc Minkowski
Peter Eotvos
Steven Sloane
Andrea Molino
Frank Ollu
Jonathan Stockhammer
Roland Mell
Jorg Henneberger
Golo Berg
B. Tommy Andersson



Berlin Philharmonic
Ensemble Modern
Klangforum Wien
Asko Ensemble
Asko Choir
Arditti Quartet
Mozarteum Orchestra
American Composers Orchestra
Phoenix Ensemble
BBC Radio Orchestra, Edinburgh
Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Ensemble Music Fabrik NRW
Ensemble Intercontemporain. Paris
Alter Ego Ensemble
Orchestra della Toscana
Hofer Symphoniker
Bochum Symphoniker
Spoleto Festival Orchestra
Musik Fabrik NRW
Berlin Kammer Orchester
Carla Bley Ensemble
Uri Caine Ensemble
Karlsruhe Symphoniker
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra



Heiner Goebbels
Hans Neuenfels
Joachim Schloemer
Klaus Guth
Jean Lambert-Wild
Roberto Paci-Dalo
Mathilde Monnier
Ernst Stoetzner
Jean Lambert-Wild
Birgitta Trommler


Musicians/Performers, 1973-2004; partial list:
Stefan Kurt -Salvo Cuccia -Stephan Schmidt -Olaf Baer
Dale Duesing -Christoph Homberger -Matthias Klink
Hildegard Behrens- Monica Bacelli -Frode Olsen -Salome Kammer
Hans Lang- Jean-Luc Therminarius -Jean Lambert-Wild -Gayle Tufts
Georg Nigl- Andrew Watts -Huutajut "The Shouting Men" - Kryzstof Knittel
Fred Frith -George Lewis -Arto Lindsay -Bill Laswell -Heiner Goebbels
David van Tieghem -Christian Marclay -Tom Guralnick -Carles Santos
Henning Christiansen -Hans Peter Kuhn -Sergei Kuryokhin -Fast Forward
Malcolm Goldstein -Z'ev Peter Hollinger -Roberto Paci Dalo-Phil Minton
Frank Schulte -John King -Catherine Jauniaux Ben Patterson -Wayne Horvitz
Joan LaBarbara -Anthony Coleman -Elliot Sharp -Derek Bailey
Carla Bley -Steve Swallow -Linda Sharrock -John Oswald
Ursula Oppens -Richard Teitelbaum -Carles Zingaro -Eugene Chadbourne
John Zorn -Shelley Hirsch -Jamaaladeen Tacuma -Jarmo Sermila
Montera -Gordon Monahan- Walter Norris -Evan Parker -Louis Moholo
Paul Dutton -Trevor Wishart -Lindsay Cooper -Keiji Haino
LaDonna Smith -Davey Williams -George Cartwright -Yoshihide Otomo
Puntilla -Stefano Scodanibbio -John Giorno -Jeanne Lee
Michael Lytle -Ellen Christi -Radu Malfatti -Jerry Granelli
Melvyn Poore -Yves Robert -Harri Sjostrom -Gunter Hampel
Chris Cutler -Ferdinand Richard -Dimitri Prigov -Johannes Bauer
Vanessa Mackness -David Toop -Bruno Spoerri -Conrad Bauer
Steve Feld -David Behrman -John Driscoll -Sainkho Namtchylak
Yuval Gabay -Ben Neill -Ned Rothenberg -Sussan Deihhim
David Soldier -Michelle Kinney -Bobby Previte -David Garland
Tony Buck -Michel Godard -Yildiz Ibrahimova -Jaap Blonk
Natalia Pschenitchnikowa -Robert Rutman -Wolfgang Dauner
Gottfried Raes -Moniek Darge -Hans Reichel -Anna Homler
Peter Rose -Seth Josel -Dietmar Diesner -Fatima Miranda
Rinde Eckert -Steve Feld -Maggie Nichols -Bassam Abdul-Salaam
Fred van Hove -Joe Sachse -Paul Brody -Salvatore Macchia
Bruce Ackley -Larry Ochs -Andrew Voight -Syd Straw
Ray Anderson -Tenko Ueno -Joshua Fried -Wolfgang Puschnig
Louis Sclavis -Jim Denley -Amanda Stewart -Paul Haines
Han Bennink -Peter Blegvad -Peter Cusack -Mark Kramer
Andrea Centazzo -Julien Blaine -Peter Kowald -Polly Bradfield
Dagmar Krause -Gillian McGregor -Torsten Müller -Leslie Delaba
Bert Schierbeek -Michael Vatcher -Henry Gwiazda -Paul Burwell
Peter Schierer -Dorothea Schürch -Bruno Meillier -Catherina de Re
Ross Bolleter -David Weinstein -Guy Klucevsek -Jon Rose
Jin-Hi Kim -Emily Hay -Lew Soloff -Chris Mann
Rik Rue -Butch Morris -Bill Frisell -Irene Schweizer
Annie Gosfield -Werner Durand -Ali Askin -Vladimir Tarasov
Ikue MoriVenostaSandell -Robert Dick -Henry Kaiser -Bob Ostertag
Peter Machajdik -Martin Schutz -Andreas Bosshard -Michael Rodach
Didi Bruckmayr -Hans Koch -Stephan Wittwer -Bertl Mutter
FM Einheit -Tristan Honsinger -Ernst Reysiger -Nic Collins
David Mott -Roger Kleier -N.U. Unruh -Yamatsuke Eye
DJ Olive -Jean Chaine -Stefan Kurt -Kevin Coyne
Don Byron -Soldier String Quartet -Amelia Cuni -Martyn Jacques
Thomas Buckner -Uri Caine -Tom Cora -Giovanni -Anton Fier -Sten
Greetje Bijma-Pauline Oliveros-Emil Viclicky -Jean-Marc -Koichi Makigami


Choreographers/dancers (for whom David Moss has performed/composed music/scores):

Steve Paxton -Lisa Nelson
Pooh Kaye -Kenneth King
Lisa Kraus -Mathilde Monnier
Salome Schneebeli -Sascha Waltz
Kei Takei -Sally Silvers

Leader/Artistic director, of the following institutes/ensembles/projects:
The Institute for Living Voice (Antwerp)
Moss Tales
The Vocal Village Project
"Pierrot LunaiRE: Remix 2005/06"
Music By, For, and Against John Cage
Dense Band
Survival Songs
Direct Sound
Sampler City
My Favorite Things Project
Einstein for Aliens: A One-man Theater Performance
Physical Acts
No Tech Festival
Max Factor (w. Fast Forward)


Radio Projects (selected 1983-1998):

U.S.A.(for National Public Radio):

Soundspots #2
Vox Box
Sound Sculptors
U.S. Ear: The New Music Review for Radio

Soundspots #3 (for ABC's "The Listening Room")

Holland :
Soundspots #4 (for KRO)

"Voice Paths" (DRS)
"Moss and Sleeping Beauty" (SR)

"Moss Tales" (SFB)
"Einstein For Aliens" (SFB)
"Adagio Moss" (SFB)
"Music By, For, and Against John Cage" (HR)
"Pressure Points" (SR)
"Risks: a 5 part Series" (SDR)
"Kafka Hieroglyphics"(SWR)
"Dreamsongs" (SWR)
"Songs You've Never Heard in Your Life" (WDR)

"Prometheus" by Heiner Goebbels (Finnish Radio)

Radio-Graphiques (Radio Grenouille & Radio Galère, Marseille)

"Letters from Berlin" (CBC, Toronto)


Large Projects/Events (selected):

Pierrot LunaiRE 2005 : A RE-mix of Schoenberg by Ensemble
Alter Ego and David Moss

"ImPROV(E)ising the Future", Adelaide Festival, Australia, 2000
Invited to create a multi-evening performance event focusing on
improvisational music, and to choose all performers

"Einstein For Aliens: A Theater Piece", Berlin, 1999-2003
Directed and performed in a one-man theater show based on the fictional
experiences of an improvising musician; 20 European performances in 2000-03

"No Tech: the Art of Performance", Podewil, Berlin 1998
creator/artistic director of a 1-week performance festival ; 6 artists from 5
disciplines working with no high technology; 5 workshops,90 subscribers;
4 concerts; seminar

"Physical Acts: Performance and Sport", Berlin, Köln, Bonn
Gent. Wels, Adelaide (Australia); 1992-2000:
creator and artistic director of a large performance project which brings
world-class athletes and highly physical performers/improvisers together;
presented at major festivals in 4 countries

"Einstein For Aliens: A Radio Play", SFB radio, Berlin, 1998
created a 1 hour radio play (German & English versions); composed,
performed music, directed, narrated English version

"Graphisme et Musique", Cite de la Musique, Marseille, 1996
appointed artistic director by the city's cultural dept. to create joint projects for
6 new music organizations; organized 6 city-wide events combining new music
with fireworks, kites, architecture, school-children, radio, weekly newspapers.

Risk Radio Series, SDR (Stuttgart Radio),1996
Commissioned to create, compose music for, a 5-part radio series on the concept
of risk in daily cultural life; a reaction to the Die Zeit article (see "Leben Sie
Riskant", below)

"Survival Songs", Leipzig Opera/Berliner Ensemble, 1996
Full evening opera commissioned by the Leipzig Opera, the Leipzig Jazz Festival,
and the Dresden New Music Forum; created (w. Bert Noglik), directed, composed
music for 5 singers, 2 turntable players, 2 instrumentalists, Renaissance choir; performed in 3 festivals

"Post-Webern", Ensemble NRW, Dusseldorf 1995
Commissioned by the Musik Fabrik NRW to create a new piece for them using
improvisation; conducted improvisation workshops w. the ensemble, directed
them, performed 3 times and recorded for German radio

"Wild Wires/Tactile Tales", Hebbel Theater, Berlin 1994
With Hans Peter Kuhn, created, co-composed music for, co-directed and
performed in a full evening theater piece; text from Italo Calvino

"Moss Tales", SFB radio, Berlin, 1995
commissioned to create a radio play based on my experiences as a touring
musician; told stories (in mixed German/English), snag, played percussion
simultaneously; most broadcasts in Germany of any radio play made that year;
awarded several honors.

"Provokalia: A Festival of Voices", part of "X-94" Fest,
Berlin, 1994
creator and artistic director of a 1-week long voice festival with 12 singers; 6 workshops with 100 subscribers; and 4 nights of concerts

"Leben Sie Riskant", a manifesto on risk, for Die Zeit
newspaper, 1993/4
commissioned by the most respected German weekly national newspaper to write
a full page culture article

"Touch: International Percussion", Podewil, Berlin 1993
creator and artistic director of a 1-week long percussion festival with
7 percussionists; 6 workshops with 105 subscribers; 4 concerts

"Gesangsgänger" (Voice Paths), Berlin/Zurich, 1992/93
Created/wrote a 13-part voice workshop for the print medium (combined with
radio broadcasts of sound examples sung by Moss & Dorothea Schürch);
published in TIP, Berlin'sweekly magazine, and WOZ, Zürich

"Direct Sound: 5 Voices", Europe tour 1989, Canadian tour 1990
Founder/leader of acappella vocal ensemble specializing in improvisation;
includes Carles Santos, Shelley Hirsch, Greetje Bijma, David Moss, Anna Homler,
Catherine Jauniaux, Michelle George

"My Favorite Things Project", Berlin Jazz Fest & European tour, 1991
organized "super-group" with Heiner Goebbels, Peter Hollinger, John King, and
Jean Chaine; composed/arranged homages to favorite music/composers

"U.S. Ear: The New Music Review for Radio", National Public
(NPR) US, 1987-89
conceived of, produced/directed, distributed 78 editions of a weekly 1/2-hour
radio magazine program on contemporary music in the US; commissioned original music from over 20 composers; interviews with composers/musicians from around the world; correspondents from Eastern Europe; broadcast by over 50 NPR stations across the USA

"Soundspots" #1 & #2: National Public Radio, US, 1984/85
conceived of, produced/directed. distributed 75 editions of a 3-minute program
to over 100 NPR stations around the US; commissioned 35 American composers
to create new 2-minute audio pieces; featured music never before broadcast on
popular radio (for example, compositions by George Lewis, Robert Ashley,
Joseph Celli, Malcolm Goldstein, Wendy Chambers); Soundspot programs were
later broadcast by Australian (ABC), Dutch (KRO), and German (WDR) radio.

Improvised Project, Moers Festival , Germany, 1984
selected and led a group of 8 improvising musicians for a 3-day
improvising event at innovative festival for audiences of 4000


Workshops, led by Moss:

Florenze/Montevarchi: 4 day voice workshop for Jubilee Joint
Paris,IRCAM: Lecture/demonstration on voice and electronics
Firenze: Tempo Reale; seminar on Voice and electronics

Teatro Juvarro, Turin, Italy
No Tech Festival, at Podewil, Berlin, Germany
Schauspielhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
Stimmen (Voices) '98 Festival, Lörrach, Germany
Teatra Natura Festival, Parma, Italy

WDR & Triennale Festival,Cologne, Germany: for choir of "Voix"
Amsterdam, Holland: organized by students of Lucerne Workshop (1996) for
advanced work
Zürich, Switzerland: for "Seven Senses" Festival, Dance Fabrik
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Experimenta Festival

Mathilde Monnier Dance Co.; Montpelier, France
Ibero-American Theater Festival, Bogota, Colombia (Spring)
Improvisation Festival, Music Academy, Lucerne, Switzerland
Theater School of Bogota, Bogota, Colombia (Winter)

LINK, alternative university, Bologna, Italy
Ensemble NRW (Musik fabrik), Dusseldorf, Germany

School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, Holland
Provokalia Festival, Podewil, Berlin
Spring New Music Seminar, Darmstadt, Germany

Pre-1994 (selected):
Viitasaari "Time of Music" Festival, Finland
Yale University, New Haven
Trinity College, Hartford
ASKO Choir, Amsterdam, Holland
De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, Holland
Bennington College, Vermont
Washington University, St. Louis
Columbia University, Chicago
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Summer Jazz Clinic
Goddard College, Vermont
Hampshire College, Massachusetts
School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam

Events/Concerts 1994-1998 (selected):

European Tour w. Carla Bley's "Escalator Over the Hill" Project
Artistic Director of "No Tech" Festival, Podewil, Berlin
Composed music for Schipenko's "Zyrikon", Schauspielhaus, Zürich
Wrote, composed "Einstein For Aliens", a Hörspiel for SFB Radio, Berlin
Tour of "Prometheus", a theater piece by Heiner Goebbels
Recording of "Surrogate Cities" for ECM label
Release of "Time Stories", Duos CD on Intakt label
Solo performer in "Adagio Moss", by Nicola Sani for SFB radio

Solo concerts at:
Theater Scandicci, Florence, Italy
Virus Festival, Halle, Germany
Theater am Marienbad, Freiburg, Germany
Teatra Natura Festival, Parma, Italy
SFB Prix Europa Radio Gala, Berlin, Germany
Jazz Autumn Festival, Konstanz, Germany
IUC Concert Series, Rome, Italy
Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland

Radio Productions for:
SWR, Stuttgart, Germany: "Kafka Hieroglyphics" and "Dreamsongs
SFB, Berlin, Germany: "Einstein For Aliens" conceived, performed, wrote text &
composed music for, a one-hour radio play
SR (Radio Swiss Romande) Geneva, Switzerland:
Composed and performed in a 30:00 minute Audio Art piece

Other notable concerts:

7 performances in Heiner Goebbels' theater piece, "Prometheus",
in: Mulhouse and Paris, France; Darmstadt, Germany



Moss led workshops in performance, improvisation, and voice at:

Teatro Juvarro, Turin, Italy
No Tech Festival, at Podewil, Berlin, Germany
Schauspielhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
Stimmen (Voices) '98 Festival, Lörrach, Germany
Teatra Natura Festival, Parma, Italy

Performed in the world premiere of Carla Bley's
"Escalator Over The Hill, for the Cologne Triennale

Benefit performance for Sergei Kuryokhin at the Knitting Factory, NYC

Invited to Toga Theater Festival, Toga Japan

Participated in Experimenta Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soloist in Heiner Goebbels' orchestra work, "Surrogate Cities",
performed by the Orchestra della Toscana in Florence and Rome festivals

Led David Moss Project (improvised music with Phil Minton, Koichi
Makigami, Catherine Jauniaux, Frank Schulte) in "Fabrik Jazz"
series, Zürich,

Benefit performance for the Wochenzeitung (Weekly Paper), Zürich,

Soloist in "Voix", composed by Frank Schulte for the Cologne Triennale

Solo Concerts at:

Schloss Salzenau, Germany
Hochschule der Kunst, Berlin, Germany
Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany
Istanbul Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Toga Festival, Toga, Japan
Experimenta Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hofkonzert Festival, Podewil, Berlin, Germany
Transmitter Festival, Bregenz, Austria
Academy of Visual Arts, Hamburg, Germany
Stadttheater Darmstadt ("Serious Fun Festival"), Darmstadt, Germany
German-American Institute, Heidelburg, Germany

Radio Productions for:

SFB, Berlin Germany (2)

Other Notable Concerts:

"Operetta" project,with turntable-player Frank Schulte, as part of the World Percussion Festivals: Hamburg and Ulm, Germany

Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain: with Phil Minton

6 performances in Heiner Goebbels' theater piece, "Prometheus": Nurnberg & Frankfurt, Germany; Innsbruck, Austria; Porto, Portugal; Palermo, Italy

Kunsthaus, Zürich, soloist in Christian Marclay's ensemble event


Cologne, Germany: for choir of "Voix" project

Amsterdam, Holland: private workshop for interested performers

Zürich, Switzerland: for "Seven Senses" Festival, Dance Fabrik

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Experimenta Festival


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